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We believe in cycling for all in The Outdoor City. Can you help?

The Outdoor City website recently featured an article about Cycling 4 All. We are a charity that offers disabled people the opportunity to ride a wide array of adapted bikes. The team of volunteers run session every Thursday in Hillsborough Park. They support people with a range of disabilities, including people with a learning disability, to experience the joy of riding a bike.

Originally started using Big Lottery money seven years ago – the project is now self-funded with riders paying £5 a time. There are so many health, wellbeing and just outright fun benefits to a scheme like this and over its lifetime hundreds of people have experienced the joys of riding a bike because of Cycling 4 All.

But we are not content with this. Sheffield is The Outdoor City and as such we want to see even more people have access to cycling.   Although the fees paid by people help cover the costs, more is needed to keep this project on track and to grow its reach. One of the big hopes for this year is to be able to work with Disability Sheffield and take the bikes into special schools within the city but they can’t do this without more funds. For £8,000 this project could not only keep running for another three years but it could also grow its reach and support more people to cycle.

So if you are a business or a cycling club, or even just a lone-fundraiser with a passion for Sheffield and you think you can help Cycling 4 All make this a reality, please get in touch with us please contact Emily Morton on or by phoning 0114 2536750.

Frame Stickers

As our bikes have names, we thought it about time we get some stickers to show them off.

We were lucky to have Eighteen Bikes over in Hope donate a little time and effort to cut the stickers out from vinyl. This is the stuff they use when building mountain bike frames, so it should stand up to the general wear and tear our fleet gets.

It’s a fiddly job, but it’s definitely worth doing properly!

Big thanks to Eighteen’s Matt Bowns for his help and advice.