Low Rider

  • Simple operation, no gears
  • Lever operated front brake , back pedal rear brake
  • Easily adjustable seat position

Side by Side

  • Chat as you ride!
  • Easy to take your seat, no need to step in
  • Comfortable adjustable seats with backrests 
  • 1 Person steers, both can pedal

Wheelchair Tandem

  • Enjoy the feeling of moving at speed with the wind in your hair!
  • Secure, stable platform for wheelchairs
  • Low gearing for the person pedalling


  • No need to use legs!
  • Comfy seat
  • Solo and side by side version available
Tandem Handcycle
Solo Handcycle

Recumbent Tricycles

  • Very fast!
  • Good range of gears
  • Comfortable seat
Greenspeed Recumbent
Hase Recumbent

Berkel Bike

  • Pedal with hands and feet
  • Very lightweight
  • Good range of gears
  • Comfortable position

Semi Recumbent Tricycle

  • Stable
  • Comfortable position

Easy Rider

  • Very comfortable seat
  • Easy to get on to
  • Very stable

Two wheeled Tandem

  • Great way for someone with visual impairment to enjoy cycling
  • Good range of gears
  • Lightweight

Two Wheeler

  • Good range of gears
  • Sometimes used for accompanying cyclists on tricycles