Susan Watts

Who I am

I am the wife and sole carer of one of SC4A’s clients. I am not and never have been a cyclist myself but I know just how important the freedom of cycling has always been to him.

What I do

I have been involved with setting up and supporting the new business organisation side of SC4A, taking part in committee and secretarial activities.

How I got involved with SC4A

By accident!  My husband heard about SC4A informally from a physiotherapist 6 months after becoming disabled . His life was transformed on the day we came to our first session. On that day we found out that he would  still be able to enjoy the freedom and sensation of the wind in his hair by riding a specialist bike.

Why I support SC4A

It provides a unique “spark” of opportunity to those folk disadvantaged by disability, illness or increasing age. I want to help others experience the magic sense of achievement that I saw in my husband the day we first met the SC4A team at Hillsborough Park.